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The type of samurai, beautiful but deadly. September 27, 2010

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The term of samurai sword japan addressed on a misconception. Samurai itself is the name for Japanese warrior. While the sword is called Ken. To facilitate the readers to mention all of the sword I use the term samurai sword.

Samurai sword in Japan is divided into many types. The division of the types of swords by size. Each blade measured by the size Shaku Shaku where 1 means about 30 cm.

Here are the types of samurai swords are classified by length:

1. Tanto
You ever see the goemon movie ? , You surely know this sword. The sword was carried by women as self defense. The size is about 25 cm, knife category. It usually use for stabbing a sudden. Japanese women of the past brought Tanto behind their obi (kimono belt) for self defense or to spontaneous attacks.


2. Wakizashi
For those who knows Final fantasy X must be knoe this one, certainly no stranger to figure Yojinbo., Swordsman who can cut anything. One of the attacks have wakizashi. Wakizashi is a type of samurai sword with a length of 30-60 cm, the samurai user, use this samurai as thieir secondary weapon.


3. Kodachi
Kodachi Aoshi Shinomori’s favorite weapon of Jupon Gatana in Samurai X manga series. Kodachi is longer than the wakizashi, but shorter than a katana. Usually used as a shield in hand – to – hand combat, because the katana (less than 2 shaku) it does not violate the rules of a sword in the Edo period to be taken by ordinary people (formerly only samurai who could carry a sword). More curved than wakizashi sword. The sword is light enough so as to facilitate the user to move lively.


4. Katana
Katana is a typical ninja sword. Each ninja has their katana on their back. If you are a fan of Ninja hatori, You certainly no strange with this Sword. It length generally between 70-80 cm. Type single-edge and curved. used in addition to the ninja, the sword is also carried by the samurai to represent social status. Usually taken in pairs with the wakizashi or Tanto that is used for close-quarters combat where the katana is used to open-quarter combat.


5. Tsurugi
The sword that is not similar to any other type of swords. This sword is not crooked but straight like a korean sword. Tsurugi is a type of Broadsword, heavier than other swords. Very suitable for handling thick armored enemy or even they have a shield.


6. Chokuto
Just like the katana, it just not curved but straight. Has found before the Heian era before the Japanese found the sword arch technique (which was a unique way.) Because the straight sword is difficult to use and rarely used in combat. After the discovery of the katana, chokuto still produced but mostly serves as a ceremonial sword.


7. Ninja-to
Sword of the ninja, in addition to the katana, the ninja ninjato is optional. Compact and lightweight making this sword easy to put into the clothes. The fundamental difference between the katana and ninja-to is located on sesainnya. Ninjato not curved like a katana but it straight.


8. Nodachi & Odachi

A very long sword. It is the longest sword with nearly 80 cm long. This sword swordfish suited for close combat because complicated by its size. The sword is used to divide and horse cavalry. In the manga series Samurai deeper Kyo, Kyo uses this type of sword. Although it was not suitable for close combat. The making of this sword is included in the category of difficult, so the sword is a rare sword.

Nodachi & Odachi

9. Nagamaki
Long sword with the sword and handles the same. Included in the category of dagger, used for sudden attacks. Use of this sword is not as efficient as Tanto. But this sword owns more beauty.


10. Naginata
Naginata is a spear with the blade katana. Used virago medium range combat. The handle is made of from wood and curved katana lance eye. It is suitable for the type of chaos battle.


11. Yari
Yari is a spear type. Unlike the naginata, spear made straight eye. Straight shape is effectively used to stab the enemy who came from the front. Usually used to block the rate of men the enemy forces. This weapon diapakai By Madarame Ikaku the manga series Bleach.

It so beautiful isn’t it ? , a samurai sword is a sword with a high beauty. Created by not carelessly. Sharpness combined with beauty. It was this sword looks elegant. How, you are interested in having them?



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